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    Welcome to my page! I had a flock or two when I was a kid but this is the first time I'm doing it myself. I bought my 5 little day-old chicks from and received them on August 23, 2011. They are growing so quickly I can hardly believe it! It seems like every time I turn around they have new colors in their feathers and they're making all sorts of new sounds. Each of my girls has a different personality, which I absolutely love. My DH and I built an 8' x 10' coop for them in the yard which I sure hope they enjoy! I'm so happy to share their stories and pictures with all of you! Thanks for visiting!

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    Our coop:
    Pictures of our coop
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    Chicken Pictures:
    - Cheeks, our Easter Egger
    - Choco, our Silkie
    - Cluck, our Road Island Red
    - Foster, our Leghorn
    - Dominique, our Dominique

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