Hello, Everyone!
I am TheMartianChick (Earthname is Carolyn). My family and I live in Central New York State. When I was around 7, a friend of the family gave us some poultry. My father built some pens and houses for the Silkies, Guinea Fowl and Muscovy Ducks. Notice that I said that he built pens and houses... Without a resource like backyardchickens.com, we didn't have a reliable source of information about what poultry actually required to keep them safe and comfortable.
As a result, we lost our fair share of birds to hawks, rats, raccoons, owls, illness, inclement weather and anything else you can think of!
Despite all of the difficulties, I developed a genuine love for both chickens and ducks over the years. As an adult I got married and moved to Mars, er... I mean, the city. We still live in the city, but we are planning to make a break for warmer weather and smog-free skies in the very near future. I have opened my husband's mind to the benefits of having a coop at our new home and trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I am looking forward to learning from all of your ideas and will contribute as much as I am able.