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  1. TheNeonPanther
    (Note: All pictures are not the same quail, including the egg and the chick, they are not the same.)

    Welcome to my page!
    Hello, I see you wanted to see how my flock is doing. Well, here you can find many updates, pictures, a few tips, videos and a possible blueprint or two. (And a really messy room...yeah.) Well, shall we begin? How about we kick this off with a small story of how it all started and how I established a tiny flock of for now button quail.

    l had been taken out of public school due to the teachers being plain mean and threatening, scaring and bullying me and other students. I was free from that place, it felt like a whole new beginning, and it sure was, a beginning of true freedom.
    After a while of homeschooling, I don't remember how, but I found the small bird called a quail and knew at that moment it was the right bird for me.. on Christmas day I got my first incubator, a rcom mini. I was so excited! It was just after new years 14 - 15 when we got a 50 gallon tank to move my turtle into, and the person selling the tank happened to have button quail eggs! I moved the eggs into the incubator, 12 of them. The only problem was that they were sitting in a cold garage for 4 weeks. I knew I was going to need help with these eggs, so seeing this site BYC pop up here and there, I signed up. In 2 weeks of waiting, a miracle happened. 2 chicks hatched which later in their lives named Comet who I currently have and puffball. Accepting those eggs and raising them has to be one of the best decisions in my life. 5/6 months later, tragedy struck. I found puffball had passed away in the night. She/he was buried and shall be never forgotten as one of the quail that started it all. Comet who I currently have lives in the 55 gallon tank and will live there until he is moved into the aviary which I am building.. what he does not know is that I have many friends waiting for him as of now... here is what they look like.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] And....a video of the chicks..

    Woohoo! I see you have read to here, well it's time to reward you with a few videos of the mini flock! (Videos not in order in any way..) ENJOY!


    You have seen the videos, now for pictures of them! Enjoy, I will add more pictures over time.


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