Therapy Chickens for the Elderly and Disabled

By summerb123 · Nov 23, 2016 · Updated Nov 27, 2016 · ·
  1. summerb123
    Therapy Chickens for the Elderly and Disabled


    You might think of chicken as farm animals, stupid or just plain scaredy cats. Chickens have so much potential! They are good therapy animals; their good as any other therapy animal. Chicken can be a great learning experience for autistic kids and decrease stress in the elderly.

    A lot of us Backyard Chickens (AKA BYC) people have that one special chicken that they love and pick them up and pet them, and while you do that you feel good. That is how the elderly and mentally challenged when they pet their chickens.
    Autistic people can learn to interact and engage their minds with chickens. The elders can be happy while they are in a nursing home. As for me, I have depression and I have an Easter Egger pullet that helps me a lot! Personally I wish I could volunteer somewhere with her but I do not have time or money to do so.
    I love that the fact that there are programs like “Henpower” dedicated to hens helping the elderly. Here a couple videos off of Youtube that is about Henpower!

    It is very moving to here people dedicate their time and money to rehabilitate people’s minds and make them feel good. I just love it! I someday want to try something sorta like that to help do some good! And put a smile on someones face and make them happy!




    Hope you enjoyed!
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  1. summerb123
  2. chicken4prez
    Great job, Summer!
  3. summerb123
    thanks marie!
  4. Chickensfan
    amazing! i love it!
  5. summerb123
  6. duluthralphie
    I will sell trained therapy chickens for $1,000 EACH. if your insurance does not cover the entire cost, I will eat everything after the first $100 bucks.....

    A chicken is a great therapy animal. just ask those of us that have chickens.... How can anyone resist the special bird that seeks out your attention.. Good Article

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