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By theRURALgirl · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. theRURALgirl
    All organic and new to the rural life. Loving my Rhode Island Reds, Pullets, and Barred Rocks. Right now we are just going for eggs but eventually will also try our hand at chickens for meat. Love the thought of raising my now 19 month old twin girls in the middle of no where, big things to come. We also own an online authentic Italian bakery and are hoping that will help us meet the wants we have on our 30 acres. We really want another horse and to build a nice riding ring, adding more chickens to our small flock of course and next year raising our own calf for the best tasting organic beef we can have. So many dreams since moving to Kentucky in the begining of the year. Bless Mother Earth for sharing herself with our family both human and animal.

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