Ah, my Superbird loves me. He tells me so! lol He is such a good boy for me. Bird is learning tricks now. He will jump up about four feet in the air from the ground to take a marshmallow out of my hand and give it to the girls. they are a year old today! (April 1) Happy Birthday ladies! and Bird!!!!!!!


Sandy J "So your saying that THIS is a worm?"

Ah... my boy Superbird. (yup, named after the Plymouth Superbird) He is trying SO hard to learn how to read. (Notice the book under his feet. The magazine below that is Backyard Poultry) lolololol.

"Momma, here i am, Momma! Momma!"

"Momma!!!! I said here I am Momma!!!"

He is such a ham.

I am starting to wonder, it seems to me that he ACTUALLY enjoys having his picture taken.
I gotta stop the pictures. thank heavens that we use digital now and dont have to pay for film!!!!

He's finally getting his tail feathers!

BIRD does Halloween!!!!!!!!

I really thought he was gonna kill me for this!!! what a good boy!~!!!!

my cat Sam had to go along with it too.

ONe of these days Bird, ONE OF THESE (#*%&)$(*%)$*(^% DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea, he was just hanging out.....with me.

Then he got curious.....

my girls are just a bad bad bad!!!!!!!!! Couldnt get anything weeded.