Things Finally Coming Together

By folgerrd · Apr 11, 2012 · Updated Apr 11, 2012 · ·
  1. folgerrd
    After nearly two years of preparation, research, and saving up(mostly the last two)... Things are finally coming together. We have a local hatchery that will call us when our chickens are ready, which will be between the 12th and 16th of April. Just today we bought our coop from a TSC store, last one in stock. I plan to put it together tomorrow or soon thereafter.
    We have our brooder ready to go as well, a homemade one, which I will see if I can figure out how to post about in the homemade brooder section of The Learning Center.
    We are getting Rhode Island Reds at a week old and we will be getting six of them, this is very exciting!
    Some of our most excited family members are two of my little sisters. They love baby animals and have dibs on each naming one, so far the elder of the two wants Chicky and the younger wants Chocolate Face. I know, I know, their chickens may live in shame but it's cute how excited they are to have their own pets(even though it'll be my job to do most the work, the key components of their jobs are to admire and adore).

    Hopefully I'll be back in a week to report on six healthy beauties and a sturdy coop.

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  1. folgerrd
    Thank you, and will do!
  2. Sunnysimplelife
    You are going to love it. Ours have been here with us for a month and they are a lot of work in the beginning so plan on being around a lot to check on them but it has been so fun. Congrats!! Share pics.

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