Things I've Discovered Raising Roosters

By chicken4prez · Feb 28, 2018 ·
  1. chicken4prez
    I started keeping 3 permanent roosters in my flock in the fall of 2017 and I'm so glad I decided to. Roosters don't really have the greatest reputation but if you get to know one, they can be very sweet.

    Please note though that despite the breed, age, etc roosters each have there own personality and if you do have a nasty bird then I do recommend getting rid of it. Don't spend crazy amounts of time trying to make friends with the rooster because MOST if they're mean it's hard to turn them back. I've tried this myself and I just wasted time.

    I've had a few roosters here and there for the past few years but sadly I never really gave them a chance and quickly got rid of them.

    Now that I do have some handsome guys in my flock I've learned a lot about them in the short time I have had them. Here are some things that I have discovered raising roosters.

    Just like everything, there are good guys and bad guys. If you want to get a rooster then don't let their poor reputations stop you. It is important to research about the breed because some breeds of roosters tend to be a bit more territorial and aggressive than others. I have two Easter Eggers and one Mille Fleur d'Uccle and they are so sweet, protective, and handsome.

    Roosters with bigger combs get frostbite and bleed WAY more easily. It's probably quite obvious if you have chickens that the bigger combed chickens get frostbite easily and bleed easier too. My d'Uccle got a mild case of frostbite in the winter and the parts just fell off and he looks kinda funny with a faint few bumps in his comb. :-D I can't show him like I was thinking now but he's still cute and the same guy! I'll just be more careful with them next time.

    If you plan to keep more then one rooster then make sure they know each other. If you just stick two roosters together there will be blood. One of my EEs and my d'Uccle grew up together so there wasn't too much fighting besides some "Who's Bigger?" fights. My neighbour's have a rooster and he free ranges so there is always fighting going on when he is out.

    Roosters don't crow only in the morning. Now I know that most of you already know this but if you don't then this is for you. My roosters grow a couple times occasionally at night but 3AM till dark, they're yelling their heads off. I use no-crow-collars on my buddies and they work quite well.

    Overmating. I have a few of the "Popular Girls" in my flock and I have to make sure that my dazzling hens don't get too beat up by the roosters. They can lose head feathers, back feathers and more just from overmating. If a hen is experiencing this then I just separate her and give her some TLC. By that time another hen is losing feathers so the prosess starts over again.

    Don't test the roosters patience. If you have a nice rooster then don't take it for granted. Still be nice to him and his girls. Just like humans. His job is to protect the hens and if you are being rough and/or teasing him or his girls his will try to stop you. I've found with my roosters that if you be nice to them, they'll be nice to you. :)

    And there you go! 6 things I've found in raising roosters. I'll be adding to this article and if you have any suggestions then feel welcome to shot them out. I hope that you've found this helpful.


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  1. ducks4you
    PLEASE RESEARCH the temperaments of the breeds of roosters you wish to keep. I have kept RIR, Dark Cornish and EE roosters. The EE roosters were mild and I could handle them. The other two breeds' roosters attacked me, especially in larger numbers. My first clutch of chicks had 5 RIR roosters and 1 hen. It took my 2 dogs running in and pulling them out by their tails to get them to the pens that used to take them to the chicken auction. Now, I would use a net and butcher. When roosters are aggressive they will fight like game birds, to the death, and crouch and jump up and go after your eyes. Do you want this to happen to a child bc you wish to believe that a 7 pound bird isn't dangerous? You must be careful misusing the words "sweet" and "rooster" in the same sentence. This passes along misinformation and most of us here didn't grow up with chickens.
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    1. chicken4prez
      Yes that is true, thank you. Yes the breed does not confirm the temperament at all. I've had nasty roosters myself and have quickly gotten rid of them.

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