Think of your neighbors: simple chicken keeping etiquette

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  1. Chicken Girl1
    Keeping backyard chickens is a wonderful thing to do. It has great experiences you can live and lessons that you can learn. On top of that you get eggs out of your pets and your eating healthier, what gets better then that? But there are a few things you can do to make it pleasant for all involved.

    1. Fencing is a neighbor saver.

    Though you like to free-range your chickens and give a healthy happy life be sure you a ready to do it. Before letting your girls out to roam free to scratch in your garden and look for tasty bugs, do you have a fence to protect your neighbor’s yard? You may not mind your hens roaming your yard but your neighbor’s do not like your chickens scratching their lawn, dust bathing in there yard, eating stuff from their garden or pooping on their porch. So be sure to get a good fence strong enough and tall enough to contain them in your yard.


    2. Why else where alarm clocks invented?

    Along the same lines not everyone finds the sound of a rooster crowing at 5 AM in the morning lovely. Though people move to the country it doesn’t mean that they were planning on a rooster crowing all day and night, or worse several roosters! If you want to keep your rooster while your neighbor has a problem you can try the fresh egg bribe but if that doesn’t work then you should re-think keeping a rooster, remember you don’t want to start a war, so if you need, try to find a nice home who will be willing to take him.


    3. Don't share with the world

    Many people are excited to get their new chicks and when they do they can’t help but want to share pictures with all their friends and family. Slowly but surely you find out you don’t have any more friends on facebook, why? They don’t all share your joy of chickens, not even a little. So try and resist posting day by day feedback and pictures of your chickens (but every once and awhile is fine) . You could create a page for that purpose, or you can create your own blog where you can update people who are interested, you can also find websites ( where you can share with people who also have your enthusiasm. You’ll be thankful you did this and so will your facebook friends and family. While we are on the subject you don’t need to tell your spouse all about your chicken’s day, even though they appreciate the fresh eggs save such conversations with your new found chicken friends.


    4. Keep it clean

    Keeping your coop clean is important for your chickens to stay healthy, it is also nicer for you and your neighbors. When you don't clean your coop regularly you'll get an unhealthy stench that will spread, and when it spreads you'll get unhappy neighbors who smell chicken poop. So try and keep your coop clean regularly to avoid it, you could also look into using different herbs and flowers (such as: Basil, rose petals, and lavender) to create a nice smelling aroma in your coop and help your chickens health naturally. To learn more about it you can read these articles: Herbs, Flowers and Weeds for Chickens and Nest Box Aromatherapy.


    After all is said and done your neighbors, friends, and family might also fall in love with your chickens like you, or have a flock of their own! That is great because our goal to make everyone become a backyard chicken owner, right? But until then we will have to try and live peaceably together for now.

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  1. Aunt Angus
    "Simple Steps to Keep the Peace"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Dec 27, 2018
    Common sense advice for backyard flock keepers! We have all heard/read stories where angry neighbors led to serious problems. Following this advice would go a long way toward preventing feuds.

    But I think you should shareyour love of chickens with the world! I've converted co-workers by doing so. A friend is building her coop soon!

    Thanks for these reminders!
  2. N F C
    "Courteous Chicken Keeping"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Dec 24, 2018
    Some good reminders to be courteous of others, especially toward those that may not share our enthusiasm for poultry!
  3. LlamaGirl4
    "Very helpful for people who have neighbors nearby"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Dec 20, 2018
    I don’t have neighbors near me but this would help me if I did! Wonderful article


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  1. N F C
    Nice reminders to be a good neighbor!
  2. gimmie birdies
    Crow collars make a diff, my rooster with the collar is about 2/3rds less loud, and 2/3rds the duration. I do love to have a rooster! In the summer, I have a sleepy night box for my rooster and don't let him out until 8 AM, plus that lets the hens wake up and have time to themselves before they have to have a morning cup of rooster.
      Chicken Whisperers likes this.
    1. Chicken Whisperers
      I totally agree! My Polish roo has lost interest in crowing slowly since we got him a collar :)
  3. Better Than Rubies
    Neighbors also need to think of us with our birds by not letting their stupid dogs run around nearly everyday, or try harder to keep them confined when they keep escaping.. It's so frustrating. :barnie
    1. FarmeRoach
      I agree so much!! Have had terrible experiences this week with the neighbors dogs.. one where I found all my ladies dead (even though they SHOULD have been safe inside their fenced in yard) and the other where I had my pup almost died and had to receive several stiches.. seems to me, they have the better end of the deal, just smelling chicken poop and having a morning alarm, instead of dealing with tragedy and vet bills!
    2. Better Than Rubies
      I am so sorry to hear about your losses and heartache. :( You have my condolences (((hugs))).
      FarmeRoach likes this.
  4. dogkahuna
    Don't share with the world? Sorry, but this is misguided. I don't inundate the world with my flock, but every once in a while, everybody LOVES photos and reports. If you don't share your poultry joy, others may not themselves become afflicted. :ya
    1. Henrik Petersson
      I have had people literally telling me that my chicken updates are "the best thing on the Internet" (not "Facebook", but "the Internet").
    2. alexa009
      Yes, but you must face the facts that there are people who DO get overwhelmed by chickens. So keeping certain responsibilities as this article provides avoids problems with the neighbors and triggers a feeling to all people around you to have pleasure or amusement with your flock.
  5. chicken4prez
  6. Chicken Girl1
    I think I'll add one of those @Peep_Show :). Thanks Mountain Peeps!
  7. Peep_Show
    Other etiquette-ish things to facilitate happy neighbors:
    1) Have a good-looking coop. Nobody wants to live next to an eyesore.
    2) Keep your coop clean and scooped regularly. If there are flies at your neighbor's pool party, your chickens will get the blame and you'll get the stink eye.
    3) Keep your number of chickens realistic. Chicken math may be fun, but nobody wants to live next to a feed lot.
  8. Mountain Peeps
    Great article!!
  9. duluthralphie
    If my neighbor has a dog that yaps all day long and half the night, and the neighbor kids play LOUD noise, they call music, Should I do just the opposite of what you say here? Take in extra roosters, etc?
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