this heat is a killer!!!!!!!

  1. witcheycrazygoatlady
    i was just out with my baby (my turky) an a few min. ago my nephew informed me that baby was dead .stupid me i did not relize that the heat was a factor an that he was acting diffrent.

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  1. Runt of the Flock
    Are u sure there was nothing in the coop that might have gotten him/her ill? Try freezing water in a jug or disposable container so they can lean against them or drink the cool water as it thaws.
  2. casportpony
    So sorry for your loss. :hugs
  3. witcheycrazygoatlady
    it was freerange an i am always refreshing the water i have 5 baby pools all over the yard so there is plenty of water .i do like the idea of the 2 letters .
  4. path.otto
    So sorry for your loss, this heat has been awful. I drilled ventilation holes in the nest boxes and then decided to completely move them out of their coop and covered run to a fenced area under the trees with the Eglu Cube tractor. Took all the doors off the Cube so that nest box wouldn't get so hot. I like the idea of putting frozen water in milk containers just sitting out; usually I put them in their water, I'm going to try both. I stock up on them in the freezer over the winter.
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  5. BlueBaby
    If they are panting, then they are hot! They need lot's of clean cool water when they are panting. Adding some of those empty 2 liter soda pop bottles filled with water and frozen can also help them to cool off when they lean against them.
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  6. witcheycrazygoatlady
    please pay attion to your birds .

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