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By thkosan · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. thkosan
    I have over 100 chickens. I wasn't born that way, I CHOOSE to be that way!

    After Katrina drove us out of New Orleans we decided that life is too short to live for retirement; so we bought a farm within commuting distance (45 miles) from work. And it came with all these birds... I have chickens in my kitchen, chickens on my porch, chickens in a coop attached to the house (hung with a sign declaring it the "V.I.C. Lounge"), chickens in a variety of coops (a.k.a. luxurious digs), and chickens in my van (yes, I even had Tailess run an all-day errand with me when she would't get out -- hid under the seat everytime I tried to remove her; she spent the entire trip sitting in the window enjoying the view).

    Now, if only I could win the lottery so I could spend ALL my time with my chickens!

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