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By BYC Support · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. BYC Support
    Chicken Coop

    I have been searching the internet for the past several months for ideas of building a chicken coop in my backyard for my hens.
    I ended up buying 8-8 ft posts, some 6ft high field wire and some bird netting for the top. I already had their housing which consisted of a "Hen House" with a small run.
    I made the enclosure 12 foot by 12 foot and topped it with the 14 x 14 bird netting (only 8.00 Bird-X).
    I am currently altering the hen house by taking off the small enclosure that had been attached previously.
    The whole enclosure cost around 112.00 to build and turned out great.
    I put two old wooden rocking chairs in the enclosure for the hens and for me and they are very happy now!


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  1. LoveNewChicks
    do you have any pictures of what they sleep in?
    and is it predator proof?
  2. Colourful
    They look happy, well done.
  3. bimbals
    Hi there, I want to make something very similar. Did you sink the posts into the ground or put them via fence post holders? Thanks.

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