Thomas Pharrs Chicken Coop

By BYC Support · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. BYC Support
    Thomas Pharr's chicken coop
    hello here are pics (hope you can see them) of my pen
    my pen is roughly 24' x20' .
    it has 4 stalls each 6' x 10'
    one large area 10' x 24'
    i nailed 1x6 pt boards around perimeter, i also buried the bottom board to
    keep out pests.
    it is a full 8' high
    there is a door on either end to the right of center.
    i used fiberglass (greenhouse covering) for the top.
    plastic netting for the for the sides
    i also used 3' x16' hog panels around the bottom for added protection from
    dogs and over anxious grandkids!!
    i plan on a 36' x 20' run at the back end soon, wife permitting!!




    have you prayed today ?
    God Bless !
    love ya'
    Bro. Tom

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    "Huge run"
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    Not really an article but nice pictures of the very large run


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  1. Higgy5
    Very nice set up!
  2. armansourani
    realy nice coop
  3. rancher hicks
    Well I like it. You must live in a non snow area and that I like even better.
  4. SunnySideUpFarm
    love your set wanting to something similar to this

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