Three Big Girls and a Little Hendini

By ChickenTichel · Jun 4, 2014 · ·
  1. ChickenTichel
    My little flock consists of three pullets of (currently) unidentified breed and a Sebright hen who is not laying yet.

    Say hello to my little friends...From the left are Pot Pie, Fajita, Drumstick (aka Hendini) and Omelette. Hendini got her nickname because after I got the 3 Big Girls, she started escaping from the run in the evening. Turns out the big girls were kicking her out of the coop. We've been working on tolerance and acceptance and the last couple of nights, Hendini has gone into the coop at night and stayed in there. She still es-cop-ays whenever she feels like it to range around the back yard (fenced, but there's gaps between the boards she can walk right through). I've also noticed they all get along much better, although the pecking order is very much established: Fajita, Omelette, Pot Pie and Drumstick. This evening, when I let all the girls out to get some free range time in the back yard, I saw Drumstick snatch a green leaf of something out of one of the Big Girls beak and the Big Girl was cool with it. There's less pecking at Drumstick when they're all scratching around and stirring up the compost pile, too.

    They are really a fun little bunch. Sometimes they sound like they're laughing! Any time they hear the back door open they start chattering away, especially if they hear the scrap bucket (a graniteware bean pot/chamber pot I found at Goodwill that makes a clangy sound when I'm walking. They beat me to the gate to see what I've got!). Hendini is kind of skittish, but if you can catch her she will let you hold her. I love the little cheepy sounds she makes and if she's out of the run I can usually find her by listening for her sounds. Pot Pie sounds kind of cranky a lot, but I guess she's just more vocal. One or all of them will make a racket sometimes like an egg has been laid and I'll check the nesting box to find a big, fat goose egg (as in NADA!). Other times, they are like stealth chickens - I hear nothing all day and go out there and there's three eggs in the box. Drumstick isn't laying yet, but should be next month I think.

    We have a fun little game we play together. I go out and clean the coop and run and rake up the compost back into a pile. Then, as soon as I'm done they run over and start scratching the compost all over the run again. Fun times!

    I originally intended on having six hens, but I'm happy with what we have right now. I would like to get a couple more bantam hens for Drumstick, although it seems like she's way more accepted with the clucky clique-y Big Girls finally. I felt bad for her, she was there first!

    Today, the girls were holding out - not one egg! Maybe they don't like working when it's rainy all day? Can't say I blame them. But maybe that means there will be eggs for breakfast in the morning. Most of the time they are late layers! If I had to wait for them to lay an egg to make breakfast, I'd be waiting until late afternoon or supper time to eat.

    Anyway, that's my little flock. I've really enjoyed having them around and look forward to many years of chickens in my backyard.

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