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Thumbalina - the Frazzeled Frilzzel

By pHENtHOUSE, May 28, 2013 | Updated: May 28, 2013 | | |
    Thumbalina was a surprise to us. All three little Batoms looked the same and then this little frizzle emerged. She/He (we still are not sure how to tell) was so much smaller in the big ol' water trough with all the other chicken and duck babies. They seemed to grow but she just stayed so small. I know your not suppose to have favorites - but she's my favorite and she's such a love. She tolerates all the kids and being shown and all the practice of getting ready to show. People would ask if there was something wrong with her because her feathers didn't look right. We loved the Frizzle look so much we added a little black Frizzle named Tinkerbell. Tink is still under the heat lamp and waiting to grow before being added to the flock.

    (sorry about the L in the frizzel title - it won't let me fix it)




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  1. rocketmail
    Frizzles are some of the cutest chickens I've ever seen. I know somebody that had a frizzle rooster that only had one leg and his name was Ladyguyguy
  2. chickery-do
    Soooo cute! I would love to find one!
  3. familyfarm1
  4. ashem0
    What a sweet chick! And I love the names... hope you don't mind if I steal them for my one of my Marans which are in lock-down?!
  5. 4H gal
    I love frizzles!! They are so cute.
  6. ChickenCrazy8
    Love the names!!!
  7. snowflake
    very sweet chick and little girl, Congratulations on POW !!
  8. LoveChickens123
  9. cluckcluckluke
    VERY cute!!!
    I think she is he though!
  10. ChicChicken
    Always wanted a frizzle....Adorable! :D

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