My Border Collie/Aussie Nitro:

My Australian Kelpie Rocket:

My Cat Tyrant:

We currently have 6 chickens ~ (1) White Crested Black Polish Top Hat, (1) Leghorn/RIR, (2) Silver Laced Wyandottes and (2) RIR. This is my first time ever owning chickens and I'm learning a lot. I never thought it would be so much fun just to watch them. By the way of the 6 girls the Polish is my favorite. She has such a spunky attitude and is the nicest.
Here is some pictures. (My polish girl had all her top hat plucked out when I bought her. We are working on getting them to grow back in)

The Wyandottes always look so mad when I take their pictures. Granted the darker of the two is pretty pissy most of the time.
My First Egg:

The brown eggs are wooden eggs. The cute little white one is from Punky the Polish.
This is it compared to a farm fresh egg I bought.
And just for reference this is what Punky looked like the day before she laid for the first time: