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    This is our little coop! Its cute and small but I need to add on because what was suppose to be 4 chickens- has turned into 6.....and I WANT MORE!!
    I cant get the picture to show up so I'll take another one after the rain stops!
    I have since painted it but I did like the cedar look.I like it painted better.I let the girls free range (if you can call it that in my little backyard). They have the most fun.My daughter Katy loves to go out and pick them up carry them around the house and neighborhood.I don't think my neighbor likes the fact that I have chickens seeing that her house was built behind mine,but I don't like her huge maple tree that hangs 75% over my yard loosing leaves all over my yard.Oh well, thats city life.....
    I miss them little fuzzys.
    This is one of my Russian Orloffs her name is Haylee-I call her the "Enforcer" she'll take on any dog or cat.
    I'll add more at a later time. Have a Great Day and Have you hugged your chickens today????

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