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Tigerlilly2588s Member Page

  1. tigerlilly2588
    My masterpeice is complete! I've finally finished my coop and run (minus the paint) and it only took me about 6 months...lol. Well...i started it over the summer as an addition to the chain link pen my dad set up for me when i was in high school, for 6 little chicks my uncle gave me. I built this one all on my own so after this semester started i havent had the time to get it completely finished until just recently.
    Its nothing fancy but i tried to give it some "curb appeal"[​IMG]
    I didn't follow any plans but I like to build stuff a lot so I just made it up as I went along. Eventually everything usually falls into place. I think the A-frame turned out really nicely even though I never planned on having it there. I had originally been using those two 2x4's for a corner and then I changed my mind, but because I lost the special star drill bit that came with those particular deck screws (just my luck) I couldn't get them apart and didnt want to waste them so I had the idea to make it an A-frame.

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