November 17, 2010 today I was able to secure a "stay of execution" for our beloved white Chinese goose at our community master board meeting. Her name is "Mama Goose," and she arrived at our pond and become wedded to our other beloved Chinese, "Papa Goose." Papa is a brown Chinese goose who has resided at our pond for the past several years. I rescued him this past May when I found him injured on our golf course. He suffered a severely broken leg requiring 2 surgeries and 3 months-stay at the veterinary clinic. Upon his return in July, a "wedding" took place with Mama. They bonded immediately and have been a "couple" ever since.

Unfortunately; as the saying goes..."no good deed goes unpunished." After a month or so, our Miss Mama started to become aggressive with the passing golfers. We have made adjustments (no more casual feeding...ignore her...etc), and it has helped a bit but not 100%. She is now a year old (she was 8 months when she arrived), and we are hoping as she matures she will settle down...just not sure.

However; at the meeting I represented Mama and was able to convince the community to give us more time with her. So, for now, she is still with us, and I will continue to visit her a few times a day and with the help of a few others, hope we can improve her aggressive ways.