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    Guerilla Gardening

    "For twenty dollars I can tell you a lot of things. For thirty dollars I can tell you more. And for fifty dollars I can tell you everything."
    "Tell me why I'm here first."
    "You're here because you... want something!"

    Living in Anaheim offers a lot of things. For one, our air is chunkier than other cities. No longer are you stuck with only a creamy air option. Another great reason to live here is that you definitely learn how to identify a potentially stabby person. Great for future airport security personnel! Also, you'll become very accustomed to the features inside your car as you'll need at least an hour to drive 20 miles.

    And with that note, we are developing our own little island in the sun. It comes with a variety of the animal kingdom including Caninus Giganticus:


    Caninus Minimalis:


    and a small rodent-like creature known to some in the scientific field as Betty: [​IMG]

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