Tlbs Egg Xemplary Chickens

By tberggren · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. tberggren
    Welcome to TLB's Egg-xemplary-Chickens (name DH's idea, lol)
    We will be having hatching eggs available
    and day old chicks for those who live in the Northeast
    You can contact us at [email protected]
    We love our Orpingtons and hope you will also.[​IMG]Here is our Blue Boy he is about 8 months old, as is everybody here.
    He is playing[​IMG] coy with the camera. lol
    Here is a head shot, see if you can tell how dark his eyes are.​
    Unfortunately this was a hard winter for his comb which was beautiful ;o(

    Here he is with some of the girls[​IMG]

    Who he has to share with our Black Boy
    (don't worry he does have two legs. lol)​
    Another shot of him on one leg. ;o)
    One of the girls, she has a black and a blue sisters but their pictures were to dark.
    We also have Buff Orpingtons.
    Well we hope you enjoyed meeting our Chicken family.​

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