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By TMNfarm · Dec 7, 2012 · Updated Mar 28, 2014 ·
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    Items I have available for swap...

    I feel confident in offering 8+ of my barnyard mix eggs now. I sent 11 with a local schoolteacher and 7 of them hatched for her!!
    This is a pic of my rooster (Ancona mix) with a few of my hens (Buff Orpington, Production Red, and Black Australorp)

    Many, many grain bags. Several of each type... Pick 6


    [​IMG] I have 1 of these.

    [​IMG]Currently have 10 of these.

    [​IMG]Currently have 8 of these.

    [​IMG] 2 of these...

    [​IMG]I have 2 of these.

    [​IMG]12+ of these left.

    [​IMG]12+ of these left...

    [​IMG]12+ of these left.

    I have other grain bags that I haven't taken pics of yet.

    Nutrisystem... I have to check what I have left and check the expiration dates on it... Message me if this is what you want.



    Sprouts... I am currently sprouting wheat, oats, and BOSS... 3 mason jars... (More in there than what it looks like)


    Brand new watches... Pick one. The men's watch may need a new battery due to the plastic piece being pulled out from behind the little knob. The women's watch still has the plastic in place. Both watches still have the protective plastic over the face.

    More stuff to come as soon as I have time to take the pics and load them!!

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