In Sept.2001 I married my soul mate I never knew what was to come.

on our way home my husband a country boy said I would become in time a country girl I lol as I have always lived in big city, the joke was on me 7yrs latter we would move to the country in Tn. to a small town in what was to me no where land.
Friends would say your not going to last,its been almost a year and i have no desire to leave I love this way of life and all it has to offer,all my life i have loved having different animals around me so I look at this as having animals I could never have
After moving to the country I have joked I will have the FUNNY FARM all our animals have personalities of there own
In October 2006 I would learn how dear life is,waking up that morning to severe chest pains no phone to call 911 I drove myself to hospital which took me rite in I was given meds to relieve the chest pains which gave reactions and dropped my blood pressure low I layed there in the er by myself when I asked a nurse to call my husbands work,after many tests the dr came in and said your going upstairs I was like okay he said to ICU I started to cry being a nurse I knew what ever it was, it was bad.I latter learned at age 44 I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and they werent sure what else was going on a echo cardiogram (ultra sound of your heart) would show my heart funtion was 20% as the dr came in talking of heart transplant I became more scared of my outcome I prayed that god give me the strength to handle what ever was to drs worked with me teaching me everything I needed to know about my Viral Cardiomyopathy & Congestive Heart Failure
I was told to eliminate the stress in my life change my diet and my fluid intake was 64 oz per day, 2 months latter the dr suggested a pacemaker/defibulator as I was at risk of sudden death so for my 45 birthday my device was implanted. Since I was diagnosed with my illness I have worked hard at repairing my heart doing what my drs say,while I do tire easy my heart has repaired itself im currently at a 35-37% function my goal is to get it to 50%,while I believe in organ donation I prefer to not be on the receiving side if I can controll it.
To my loving husband who stayed by my side while i was in ICU those 10 long days you are my soul mate i have realized how lucky i truely am..
my best friend she is now 10yr a brown spotted dalmation who thinks shes Human


our newest addition to the family buff orps

our girl scarlett a eclectus parrot shes 8yrs old now since we have moved the humidity has brighten up her colors.yes she talks but its a deep mumble.

Lizzy our adopted kitty stole dog food and mags is helping her eat it