Not too long ago I came to my moms house.
She had 12 chickens, I had 12; together we had 24 little fuzzy chicks running around the yard.

Prior to moving here I had already lost two of my chicks to something. I went back to the feed store and bought two more of the same kind. They were now smaller than the other 10 and weren't exactly welcomed with open wings. I kept them separated for a time but eventually let them stay together. So moving to my moms house I brought all of my babies with me. I put most my chickens with my moms 12 and they were all fine. Still the older chickens pecked at my two news ones so I kept them separate. This lead to the first dog attack. My two sweet loving chicks were gone. Nothing but white feathers everywhere. No matter how much I told my mom it was her dog she didn't listen. She kept saying her pup was trained already, that she basically beat the dog every time she chased the chicken. Unable to argue anymore I just dropped it. Crying over the loss but moving on nonetheless. 22 chickens left.

Next incident:
So for a while, being my mom believed her dog wouldn't attack the chickens,the dog was being let out of her pen while the chickens were out. This lead to my polish rooster been chased and attacked by something, something as my moms dog, which she never admitted to. He lived but now has lasting side effects which make me wonder if he's happy..or in any pain..?

Next incident:
One hectic day, when putting the dog up in a rush along with putting the chickens back in their pen there was a mix up. One of the chickens had been locked up in the pen with the dog. Stupid stupid thing to happen. I can't believe it even did. I felt horrible. The poor hen had her feathers basically chewed off by the dog but she still looked like she could make it.. So I cleaned her off, gave her food and water, and placed her in a separate pen from the others. The next morning she had passed away, not sure if it was from the open wound, loss of blood, trama, or ants..I just hope she went peacefully. This time my mom count deny it was her dog, yet she simply said the dog was just playing with the chicken and would never kill it, such as what happened to my two baby chicks. 21 chickens left.

Final death:
So now we had 21 chickens... One night, I miscalculated the chickens and one got left out.. The next morning my boyfriend found it on the porch. Just standing there, almost like she was waiting for me to put her out her misery. " A dog" had pulled the feathers off her, from the back of her neck to her rear end. After I started washing off some ants off her I then noticed some of her skin was missing from the back of her head down her neck. I knew then there was no way to nurse her back to health. It happen and it had to... I took her over to the pen to say her last cluck to her family, then around back with the gun, and finally it ended with a shot. I couldn't look, just put the gun down and go inside.
Thus ending the last dog attack. Finally my mom accepted the fact that it was HER dog that's been killing the chickens. Finally.
Now we have 20 chickens left.

The dog has been pushing her way user the chicken wire and into the pen. I have yet to actually see her attack the chickens while she's been in the pen but then again I've caught her as soon as she enters. I have remodeled the pen with what supplies I have in hopes. To prevent my moms dog or any other creature from getting my babies. So far so good.

This morning, aug. 15th:
Unfortunately early this morning I found my polish rooster laying down on his side this morning. Good news is he isn't dead, bad news is he's having a discharge out his mouth along with bloody stool.
I don't know if it's cocci or if he ate moldy food or rotten potato skin. I read that they can get sick from those two foods and his symptoms point to cocci.

I have him in a cardboard box with some hay. Ive been feeding him a mix of cracked corn and chicken scratch along with some water but his constant throwing up of mucus won't let him keep it down. He can't stand or hold his head up. When I first found him he was cold, now he's very warm, not sure if it's a fever or normal tempature.

Help anyone? -posted this in my thread as well-