I have been rasing birds for almost 5 years now. It will be 5 years in march. Almost been a year since I joined the BYC.

A few years after my parents divorced(I was 5 or so) we moved to a house where we could rasie chickens. I started when I was 9. No one in my family had expirence with birds at all. My neighbor sort of help me get started. She let me join their 4h club and I did a dog my 1st year.
THen for some reason I wanted chickens. I was told I had to read up on them and maybe it is a possibility. I ended up talking my dad into them. We started with a order from murray mcmurray. That went to a order a few weeks later. Then a order next year. and so on.
I am now fully addicted to poultry. We started with a shed as a coop. NOw we have 2 big coops, 1 medium coop, 2 small coops, a dog kennel, and we are working on breeding cages and a lean to off our barn for birds/ goats. . I have peafowl, guineas, a few pigeons, gambel quail, red jungle fowl, Lavender split orps, and other various breeds of chickens.
In the spring I am beginning a new chapter. I will start breeding. I am trying to breed my lav. split orps, jungle fowl, gamble quail, hopefully my peafowl ,and possibly my millie flurer duccle trio starting in the spring.
I also do 4h. I did so so until 3 years ago. I won 1st in my class 2 years in a row. This past july I won reserve grand champ in showmanship.( I lost to a senior.. Not bad for a 14 year old.) I do market turkey and market broilers too.
This spring sometime I will get some courtinix quail again(all killed).I should be getting Ornmental ducks sometime(dad not a duck person but loves their color). And maybe some other breeds that catch my eye.
I also have fainting goats. I am gonna do a boer goats for 4h too.
Well, thats my story on how I started rasing poultry.