Picture of our coop, to the left of the coop will be a new building and the run will go between them so I just have a temporary run up now. I've got them grazing in our "garden" right now, we only planted in a 1/3 of it so I have them weeding the other 2/3's. DH's granddaughter riding Star our 3yr old QH for the 1st time at the trainers! We have a pair of Sebastapol geese, they were 4weeks old in this picture. Skipper our 25yr old QH mare is Wonderful! She is a new addition to our family and was a Reining horse and still can Cantor with the best of them! Jack was born in Dec 08, he's a mutt but his Mother was a black lab. Our chicks/Ducks arrived 4/24/09 from Ideal, all arrived alive and very healthy, and extremely cute!!