TomG's Suburban Chickens
My neighbor asked me to build him a chicken coop for three chickens. I agreed to, and went online to find a suitable design. That is how I found
The coop I built him was pretty much a knock off of the "Deuce coop" in the coop design area of BYC site. While I was building it I couldn't help but be jealous of him having chickens. I had a dozen chickens thirty years ago when I lived on a farm. I have always remembered the chickens fondly. Anyway, he could have chickens in town, why not me? I checked the code as best I could and it seems the city of Lake Oswego (suburb of Portland) is fine with it, or at least never thought to outlaw them.
I had an area in my back yard that was 18x24 feet and fenced in with a six foot cedar fence. I never had a use for the area other than composting. I purchased four chicks thinking if one died, or was a roo, I could still have three (which is what Portland allows and I think is a minimum for chicken mental health). I went back on BYC and searched for design ideas. I found "Hennebunkport" which I loved, but deviated from a bit. Hennebunkport was big enough to walk into and clean out. I got some roost area designs that had a droppings board, nesting box dimentions, venting perameters, flooring ideas, all from you good people on BYC.
The chickens are all laying now and I feel ashamed for not thanking you all earlier. All of the chicks lived to pullethood. Two Rhode Island Reds (production), one barred Plymouth rock, and one Golden sex link. The GSL laid at 16 weeks. The BPR laid at 22 weeks. One RIR laid at 18 weeks. and the other is still trying her best laying soft shells and closely watching the others to see how it's done.

Standard framing 6'x6'x6' ...linoleum floor

door from camper, blemished vinyl windows, also a large swing down door you can't see in the back for extra ventilation in the summer that is covered in hardware cloth. Soffit vents, ridge vent.... lots of variable air flow.

Finished coop with "raccoon mask of death" installed

Nesting boxes. Outside access.


Inside, heat lamp is by wall where nest boxes are now. Ramp up to roosts

Automatic coop door. Night vision motion detect cam in place... not shown. Inside run, Cher on outside of fence wondering what I'm doing.


Back yard "free range" area. Daytime use. notice the thatch job I get when I put out scratch (on right side of lawn).

My sweet girls on the deck.
Cher...........Barred Rock
Madonna.....golden sex link
Julia...........Production RIR in front
Jennifer......Production RIR in rear

Thank you all! You are good people.