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By TommyVT05 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. TommyVT05
    ~ Tommy's Pet Paradise ~
    "Home of the Rare & Exotics"

    Breeder Of: The American Onagadori (True Japanese Longtails - World's Longest Tail Chicken), Bantam Phoenix (Show Quality), Champion Serama A & B Class (Jerry S's and Brian S's Quality Line - World's Smallest Chicken), Modern Game (Show Quality), California Valley Quails, Gambel's Quails, Northern Bobwhites, White Bobwhites, Georgia Giants, Coturnix "Japanese" Quails, Button "Common" Quails, Exotic & Ornamentals Game Birds, Red Junglefowls (Pheasant Family) & Ornamental Pheasants (Red Goldens - Champion Line, Yellow Goldens - Breeders Line, Pure Silvers, Reeves - Breeders Line, Lady Amherst - Breeders Line, etc.)


    (619) 321 - 9634

    Red Jungle Fowl Strains That I Have: Richardson's / Laos RJF, San Diego Zoo, - Indian and Burmese, & Vietnamese (Wild-Strain) RJF

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