Too many chickens - time to move to the country!

By JaeG · Oct 4, 2016 · ·
  1. JaeG
    Here is our outside flock of bantams and light breeds who are all around 2 years old. They were all bought as pullets.

    Our Bantam Wyandottes
    Happy Mrs Chicken is currently broody and screaming at anyone who wants to lay an egg. She did not moult last Autumn and has laid all Winter (it's Spring where I am), so hopefully she'll have a bit of a moult after this bout of broodiness - this photo was taken awhile ago when she was looking much more beautiful.

    Sparkles is her sister and she too laid all Winter for us after spending most of Summer being broody.

    Our Old English Game Bantams
    Anna is our smallest chicken and she is very, very sweet.

    Elsa has joined the broody bunch. She's a bit of a madam but she's so beautiful we don't care.

    Sunflower LOVES sunflower seeds. She's not very friendly but our daughter loves her. Sunflower will mount Happy Mrs Chicken like a rooster and poor Happy is almost bald at the moment!

    Pixie makes a great broody mother and she has hatched bantam eggs and willingly adopted Orpington chicks (which are now huge and living at my Mum's). She's very sweet and likes a bit of a chat.

    Our Houdans
    Dorothy is gorgeous and the boss of our flock. Her little pal is Anna who sticks by her as she knows Dorothy will protect her from the other bossy bantams.

    Peppa has recently forgotten how to get off the roosting perch so every morning I have to help her! She's a bit of a feather brain!

    Our Lavender Araucanas (British Tailed Araucanas)
    Skye is very sweet. She came to live with us as she has a bit of a deformity and my Mum thought she'd do better with our light breeds and bantams.

    Blueberry had wry neck as a young pullet which she recovered from just fine but Mum thought to be on the safe side she should join Skye in our coop. She's gorgeous but boy can she yell when there's a queue for the nestboxes (because everyone has to use the same one)!

    Our currently indoor flock...

    Our Booted Bantams
    Hope is about 10 months old now and has been raising some Silkie chicks for us. She was broody for 10 weeks and had no intention of giving up until something started cheeping under her. I brought her inside to brood thinking the kids attention and noise might put her off, but it didn't! We bought her as a 4 month old pullet and despite growing up free range she's super friendly, loves cuddles, and adores everyone. She's very chatty too.

    Ducky was hatched by one of the OEGBs. She was the only Booted Bantam egg to make it so I was very happy when she turned out to be a girl. She's the kids favourite as she was such a tiny chick. She's a little shy though and always has been, but she's so beautiful.

    Our Pekin (Cochin) Bantams
    Cotton was hatched with Ducky and she relies on Ducky a lot as she's a bit of a worry-wart. She has settled down since starting to lay. She has the most enormous foot feathering and she looks like a feather puddle when she squats!

    Disco has a floppy comb, and not much in the way of leg feathering. She's always been friendly and confident and I was convinced she was a rooster. Thankfully she's another gorgeous girl.

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  1. Yorkshire Coop
    What a lovely chicken page and pics! Congrats on POW :)
  2. JaeG
    Thanks everyone! Anna is one of my favourites. She's so cute. I now have four broody bantams and one who would like to go broody but we are running out of nestboxes!!! I don't actually mind them being broody as I am still giving away lots of extra eggs to family and neighbours. Just wish I could indulge them all and let them be mums.
  3. RodNTN
    Very cute bantams! <3 Congrats on POW!
  4. AmberSchmieg83
    Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your beautiful birds and reading your stories about each of them. I haven't ever seen a Bantam in real life before, but they look so sweet, adorable and teeny! Congrats on a beautiful flock and on POW! :)
  5. HopieGirl4Ever
    Lovely photos and beautiful flock!
  6. sumi
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  7. JaeG
    Thanks oldhenlikesdogs. There is something special about such tiny chickens so full of personality.
  8. oldhenlikesdogs
    Your flock is so cute. I'm a big fan of bantams too.

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