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    香椿樹 - 香椿芽

    Live Chinese Toon Trees (Toona Sinesis)

    Also known as the Xiang Chun Ya/Hsiang Chun Ya, Xiang Chun Shu/Hsiang Chun Shu, Tree Vegetable, Chinese Mahogany

    Seeds: $2.00 per 15 seeds
    Plants: $20.00-$60.00 (plants are pickup only)

    Offered for your consideration are seeds or plants of the Chinese Toon Tree (a perennial hardwood). It is a deciduous tree that often grows more than 40 feet tall. These trees get clusters of small fragrant sweet scented white flowers. This is a fast growing beautiful tree that gets reddish new leaves, and provides a slightly different look than most shade trees.

    The rich tender leaves and sprouts have an onion like flavor. It is often used as a vegetable- great for stir frying, salads, pickling, seasoning, raw, boil etc. (My goats loooooove raw toon leaves, especially the new leaves that's coming in) The seeds can also be used as sprouting, makes delicious sandwiches and health drinks. The fruits, barks, and roots of these trees are often used for medicinal purposes. They are hardy trees and are by far the most cold-tolerant of the Meliaceae species. These plants would make excellent additions to your rare plant collection. Grows very well in sunny locations,

    Leaves are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 and B2.

    Medicinal Purpose:

    The bark and root are believed to be an astringent as well as having properties of fever reducing, prevents formation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract, sooths stomach, threats diarrhea and have styptic properties .

    Other Uses:

    The wood of this tree is very durable. It resembles mahogany and is often used for making furniture, window frames, baskets, etc. It can also be used as incense to keep away unwanted pests.
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