When you're picking your first flock there are a few key things to look for:

1. The breed should be easy to find in most hatcheries.
2. Should have a reputation of being general tameness, friendly, and docile.
3. Breed should have fairly low maintenance and not many care problems.

When you choose the breeds you should also make sure they lay a regular amount. The list below is of the top 9 popular egg laying breeds:

1. Rhode Island Reds
A very popular egg laying breed in most flocks.They can be stubborn and bossy
at times but they are cold hardy and are good layers. They lay average 5-6 eggs a week, they overall can give
you about 275 eggs a year but a healthy one can lay more. Rhode Island Reds can lay more then a average hen if you give them plenty of quality food.

2. Buff Orpingtons
Are sweet and friendly docile hens, they are great family friendly chickens and make great pets. They are bred to lay a good amount of eggs and can be used as meat birds also. Since they are docile they could be a target for bullying. This breed goes broody often and make great mothers. They work very well in flocks since they are very cold hardy. Great Dual Purpose birds!

3. Barred Rocks
A friendly bird. Lays a good amount of eggs and very playful! Are bossy at times and might be the head of the pecking order in you flock. There average egg laying is about 6-7 eggs a week. Like the Buff Orpington they are cold hardy and great Dual Purpose birds.

4. Leghorns
They are known to be one of the top 3 egg laying breeds. Leghorns are normally friendly, but some have been known to be aggressive and loud. They lay white and can lay 280 a year but could get to 300-320. Bad broody hens.

5. Ameraucanas
(may be misspelled Americana) AKA: Easter- Egger. Are known to lay bigger eggs. They are a great addition to your flock. They are friendly and cute with there puffy cheeks! Lay a good amount and are family friendly. They have a calm, non-aggressive disposition and easy to handle.

6. Wyandottes
Wyandottes originated from the United states and are docile. They are good dual purpose breeds and can adapt to different temperatures well. They are very good mothers and lay a large light brown egg. They lay about 240 eggs a year. Are very friendly and trusting birds.

7. Australorp
It has an Australian origin. It is a very cold hardy bird, they lay very well, and are goo meat birds. They have a very soft black feathering. They make good mothers and are bossy at times. They lay about 250 light brown eggs, but a healthy one can lay 360 a year.

8. Cochin
They are known for there feathered feet, they lay medium light brown eggs and are very docile and friendly. They make good pets and are family friendly. Cochins are great brood's, mothers, and foster mothers.They are very quite and calm. They are better broody's then egg layers.

9. Welsummer
They are very pretty birds that lay about 160 eggs a year and aren't very docile but are friendly and intelligent. They lay dark brown spotty eggs. The eggs are pretty and that is one of the reasons they are so popular. Welsummer's are a very active breed, great free ranging

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