Totes Mgotes

  1. happyhens120
    Yeah, Totes!

    My love for anything recycled and for inventing something new from something old began in the 5th grade, when our class took a field trip to our local grocery store to check out packaging of different food items. I wrote numerous letters to many companies asking them to reconsider their packaging and develop less wasteful ways of marketing their products.

    Now, a mother of two and kindergarten teacher, I try to inspire that same love for the environment that I found when I was a youngster. I have used empty animal feed bags for many things... pooper scooper bags, diaper bags, trash bags, but each of these uses meant that they would, eventually, wind up in a landfill. I just had to come up with something better. On a trip to our local feed store I saw some totes that were made from recycled feed bags. That's when the obsession began.

    Since that day I have experimented with many types of recycled bags, and finally came up with the perfect tote bag. They are strong, durable, easily washable, and best of all... recycled!
    I use my totes for everything. They are my grocery bags, my preferred bags for lugging my school books back and forth from school, they are used in my classroom, hold my daughter's toys, and even carry my sewing machine around! I love them!

    My feed bags come from all over the United States, and I have a great (and growing) collection of feed bags just waiting to be turned into something useful. If there is a specific type of feed bag you're looking for, I will do my best to find it for you. I will happily custom make any type of tote for your needs. There really is something for everyone!

    Check out some of my recent creations!

    To truly understand the name, "Totes McGotes," you've got to check out the movie, "I Love You, Man." Hilarious.

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