Town of Brookfield, WI Chicken Ordinance

Defined as a property with a minimum of five (5) acres
"The A-1 Agricultural District is intended to provide for the continuation of general farming and related uses in those areas of the Town that are not yet committed to urban development. It is further the intent of this district to protect lands contained herein from urban development until their orderly transition into urban-oriented districts is required"

Are chickens allowed in this area?
Max chickens allowed
~5 Chickens per acre
Roosters Allowed
Permit Required
Coop/Structure Restrictions

~Not more than one roadside stand for the sale of farm products
~No principal building or part of a principal building shall exceed 35' in height. No accessory building shall exceed 15' in height.
~There shall be a minimum setback of 50' from the street right-of-way.
~There shall be a minimum offset from all side and rear lot lines not less than 20' in width.

City/Organization Contact Name
Additional Information

~PERMITTED USES. 1. General farming, including agriculture, dairying, floriculture, forestry, grazing, hay, orchards, truck farming, and viticulture. 2. Keeping and raising of domestic stock for agribusiness, show, breeding or other purposes incidental to the principal use of the premises subject to the following limitations: a. No more than one horse, cow, sheep or similar animal, over 6 months of age, shall be kept for every 2 acres.
~No more than eight (8) rabbits or hare, over two (2) months of age, shall be kept for each acre.
~The keeping and raising of hogs or fur-bearing animals, except rabbits are prohibited.

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