Town of Eagle, Wisconsin Chicken Ordinances

By Cyprus · Oct 3, 2018 ·
  1. Cyprus
    Town of Eagle, WI Chicken Ordinance
    Check your zoning
    Are chickens allowed in this area?
    ~Yes both in agricultural districts
    Max chickens allowed

    In lots of 35 acres or less, agriculture
    ~10 fowl per acre
    In lots more than 35
    ~No more than 499
    Roosters Allowed
    ~No for all residential districts and lots less than 35 acres in size
    ~Yes for agricultural districts exceeding 35 acres in size

    Permit Required

    ~Yes only under a residential zone, must be renewed annually

    Coop/Structure Restrictions
    In lots of 35 acres or less, agriculture and exceeding 35 acres
    ~A building that houses domestic livestock, poultry, or horses shall not be located within a floodplain or closer than 50 feet to an existing dwelling unit or any lot line.
    ~Any area where poultry, domestic livestock, or horses are allowed to pasture or run shall be adequately fenced to keep them confined to such area.

    Additional Information
    ~Any animal that crows excessively is considered a public nuisance
    ~Animals at large are subject to impoundment. Fees apply.
    ~Poultry may not wander the neighborhood
    ~The keeping and raising of hogs or fur-bearing animals, except rabbits are prohibited.

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