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By Trakr · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Trakr
    Welcome to "my page"
    I will be adding pics of my "homemade" incubator as it progresses, as well as brooder and coop.
    My intentions are to raise RIRs and/or Welsummers for eggs and some meat, all for personal use, and for a learning experience for the young'n
    Fifteen birds is the goal,but no more than 20
    Once the incubator is complete and "calibrated" to hold the desired temps and RH, I'll start on the brooder and then the coop and run.
    Thanks for viewing,enjoy.
    th_thevictom.jpg th_inside.jpg th_bator1.jpg th_bator2.jpg
    th_bator3.jpg th_bator4.jpg th_bator5.jpg th_bator6.jpg

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