Transitioning Chicks

By ellyn · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. ellyn
    I have been a bit worried about moving the little girls out. You can read the sad stories and get a little fearful, but I had the afternoon to be available to watch the adjust and watch the big girls interact with them. 2-3 days of "close enough to see, but not touch" is the advise that I am going with; I do think my big girls are such nice chickens, I am hopeful for a happy transition.

    The month old chicks moved out to the chicken run in their crate (the seem very happy about this);the 2 month old chickens are checking them out, things seem to be going well so far!! I think I am going to put them in the coop tonight to sleep the crate of course.

    YAY!!! [​IMG] Off to rid my home-school room of dust before the first day of school on Monday.

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