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By flyons · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. flyons

    About four years ago, my Black Giant L.C. (Little Comb) got stuck between the coop and the old garage. After the rescue I noticed that she couldn't walk without tripping on her wing. Fortunately for her one of our local vets is a bird specialist!
    I put some fresh hay in an old guinea pig cage and took along a couple of fresh towels. Once I got to the Vets, I grabbed L.C. and a fresh towel, leaving the cage in the car. After checking in, we sat on the bench to wait our turn. She wasn't in any pain and actually enjoyed sitting there taking in the sites! A German Sheppard walked by on its way out and L.C. started to quietly cluck, but was in no way afraid. A cat in a carrier sitting next to us was really freaked out, but it didn't bother L.C. in the least!
    Once inside the examine room L.C. was weighed and all her vitals were taken. They placed her on the floor and had her walk in order to access her condition, then wisked her off to x-ray. Once x-rays were taken they determined that she had a separated shoulder. They picked out a bright purple bandage then wrapped her up. They scheduled her to come back in a week for a follow-up.
    The second trip to the Vets was even easier. L.C. at this point knew that she was special; in the coop as well as at the doctor’s office. This time instead of sitting on my lap she sat next to me on a towel, and seemed to enjoy watching all the other animals pass her by. The Vet took a quick look at her, determined that she was healing nicely, then told us to come back in two weeks.
    The day of our last visit finally arrived, and although they hadn’t guaranteed me that the treatment was going to be successful, L.C. and I were very hopeful. Once the bandages came off she looked good as new! Back in the coop she was no longer a standout, just one of the Girls, but I think she and I became better friends!

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