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By TripleKFarm · Dec 29, 2013 · Updated May 2, 2014 ·
  1. TripleKFarm
    I will add to this page as I start swapping again and when I start adding new things I find.....

    Some of my birds & their eggs..
    [​IMG]one of my ee hens

    [​IMG]pure black copper maran roo & pure gold laced wy hen

    [​IMG]some of my pure-mixed colored polish

    [​IMG]some of my ee eggs

    [​IMG]a nice variety of my eggs that I get
    [​IMG]These babies are from my mixed colored polish pen

    [​IMG]Another one (all of my eggs I gave to a local customer 6-all hatched)

    What ya got to swap:
    farmgirlforlife-1 dz of eggs-polish & marans post 1530
    TMNfarm-polish eggs (sending May 9) post 1576
    mypeeps2013-polish eggs (sending May 9)
    Crazy Egg Chain:
    Penny Hen 12+mix of eggs

    mama2my4-soup n bread post 1147 What ya got to swap-received
    pozees-6 silkie eggs crazy egg chain-received
    jmpeters-1000 mealworms, crazy egg chain post 234-received
    sirulrichlsmom-mealworms, nwygs post 1528 received
    emvickrey-6 silkie eggs, online crazy chain post 8193 received
    rbaker-muscovy eggs new swap post 1549 received
    rbaker-fennel seeds-new swap post 1572 received
    chickenpox-new swap post 1596-water nipples

    side transactions:
    saraweatman-polish n silkies
    chickenloverwi-polish & marans (sending out April 25) sent

    Things I would like:
    Hatching eggs:
    Pure Eggs....
    Polish-any color
    Cochin bantams-any color
    silkies-any color
    call ducks-any color
    blue slate turkeys
    guineas-any color
    marans-any color

    Flower bulbs, vegetables seeds, started fruit plants-if it grows-I'm interested!

    jams, jellies-any and or all homemade goodies!

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