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  1. Triple P
    Welcome to My Backyard Chicken Page!!!
    About me:
    I have been raising and breeding exhibition poultry since I was in 7th grade (9 years). I am currently a senior at UW-Madison majoring in animal science and poultry science. My mom and I partner in the raising of the chickens. So we have her breeds and my breeds but I have combined them all here. I have a keen interest in genetics and have probably read every chicken genetic book there is out there.

    Now My Chickens (The Best Part[​IMG])
    Currently raising and breeding SQ:
    Large Fowl

    • Campines-golden and cream
    • Redcaps
    • Hamburgs-Silver Spangled
    • Langshans- Black, Blue, White
    • Buttercups
    • Aracauna
    • Turken-Red
    • Leghorn- Silver
    • Langshan-Black
    • Turken- Red, Barred

    2011 Campine trio (Date stamp is incorrect)
    2010 Silver Spangled Hamburg Cock Same Trio as above

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    2011 Silver Leghorn Cockerel 2011 Silver Leghorn Pullet
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    2011 Golden Campine Pullet "Mr.Creamy" 2008 Cream Campine Cock

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  1. Greybear23
    Hi, I love your birds, and congratulate you on your chosen field of study, do you sell hatching eggs? Would love to see moire pics of your other breeds, mom's too!!! PM me or contact me at [email protected], thanks, Lynn

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