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By Triplell · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Triplell
    Hello everyone! This is just entering my first year with Chickens. I raised them in high school with FFA and was the farm manager but I always wanted them when we moved to the farm. My parents took care of them as kids and they always said if it has wings and feathers or if it had hooves not toes then FORGET IT... Well 20 years later and now I am proud to have 11 layers (4 RIR's-2 Barred rocks-2 New Hampshires-2 White leghorns-1 Light Brown Leghorn) and 3 ducks, 2 dogs,2 cats and dad has 3 dogs. My wonderful husband moved us to my parents farm to take care of mom in her last 6 months and now dad don't want to be alone. I hope to raise two or three different breeds, RIR's-Delaware's- and Barred Rocks. My large goal is to show them at the fair. If I can figure how to upload pictures I will.

    Totles for now, Triplell

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