By Righteous Rstr · Jul 18, 2013 · ·
  1. Righteous Rstr
    Until 6 months ago I hated opossums to the max. I always found the aftermath of a visit.
    It seems they do not decapitate chickens for evil !! Much like Alligators they kill 6-10 days
    before consumption to allow meat to rot. That way it is easier to eat their kill. Previously
    the assumption was that they are evil ! Why would any animal reach in and chew off the
    chicken's neck and leave it ??? Turns out they do not kill for no reason, they will return
    a week later to devour rotten meat(yuck) just as Aligators do. No lies I still hate them &
    dispatch them as possible. The only difference is now I understand why they do that !

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