Brand spanking new to the site, and chicken raising. Found lots of inspiration from this site, do's dont's and whats its
Very excited to start my new venture into what will hopefully be a rewarding hobby.

Will be updating this page frequently (that's the intent anyway) Who needs facebook when theres BYC!!

First things first, getting my potential silkie babies from IndigoEgg. According to my fiance, our coop should take a day ..Max 2 days to put together (I'm willing to bet it's going to take a week ...Yes he's an architect, yes he's handy..but boy we've lived in this house for 6 years and he's redone (i mean sheetrock paint carpet) the third floor 3 times.

He could draw my coop using his Autocad, but it wont have my touch. Special thanks to The Triple C coop for your tips, advice
..and also
So dainty, so ME.

Stay tuned, that's all for now