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By TruNorth Farm · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. TruNorth Farm
    TruNorth Farm is the San Francisco Bay Area's premier provider of young hens (pullets). We raise and sell 100% breed standard pullets who arrive as day-old chicks from leading hatcheries across the U.S. Each chick is hand-raised by our TruNorth team with the highest standard of care from the day they arrive to the day they are released for public sale (typically, eight weeks old).

    TruNorth Farm has evaluated hundreds of poultry breeds based on four key criteria: egg-laying frequency, friendliness (docile rating), adaptability (tolerance for confinement) and beauty. Only those breeds, in our team's opinion, best suited for your enjoyment in a backyard flock make the journey to be raised at TruNorth Farm. We believe it is important to that our pullets are sourced from leading US hatcheries. This insures that (1) each and every day-old chick begins its life from the highest quality breed stock, and (2) ALL CHICKS ARE VACCINATED FOR MAREK'S DISEASE. All of our chickens are also vaccinated for Newcastle and Bronchitis. Our #1 priority is to provide our clients with healthy pullets.
    For more information, check out our website:

    To schedule an appointment please contact:
    Rachel Steinpress
    Director- TruNorth Farm
    Poultry and Stables

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