Trying Again

By lickskillet · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. lickskillet killing chickens/IMG_1125.jpg killing chickens/IMG_1142.jpg killing chickens/IMG_1133.jpg killing chickens/IMG_1110.jpg killing chickens/IMG_1111.jpg killing chickens/distance.jpg killing chickens/IMG_10681.jpg killing chickens/coop.jpg killing chickens/ckns.jpg killing chickens/coop1.jpg killing chickens/IMG_1102.jpg killing chickens/feathers.jpg killing chickens/feathers2.jpg killing chickens/creekside3.jpg killing chickens/feath.jpg killing chickens/moreblood.jpg killing chickens/IMG_0039.jpg killing chickens/PIC_0049.jpg killing chickens/shovel.jpg
    I only posted the pics of the chickens that still had all of their parts. Some of the pics are of the house in relation to the coop and run.
    And how the WHOLE back yard is surrounded by creek and no close neighbors. Thank you all for caring!!

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