Hello to all:
April 2009
It's been a while since I have written on here. Some big news - we are building a new chicken coop, it's still under construction. The size of our new chicken coop is 10x16, I will add some pictures here later. We have just out grown our other little chicken coop. My two boys are very excited, since it's getting warmer outside. YEAH.
January 2009
Well it's January 9th, I just put 25 eggs in the incubator. We will see what happens. These eggs are from Golden Comets. Mother is Golden Comet and so it the father so we will have some mutt chickens here, but I do hear they are still a really good egg layer. We will see what happens, we will keep everybody posted.
Well we are adding to our little chicken farm. We now have 28 chickens (26 Golden Comets, 2 Buff Cochins) and we have 3 roosters (2 Golden Comets and 1 Buff Cochin.

November 27, 2008
Well our eggs in the incubator didn't hatch. We are going to wait a little bit and try again. We don't know what we are doing wrong - so if anybody has any hint's please let us know. So we went our a purchased 13 more hens (Golden Comets) and another rooster (Golden Comet) - so now we have 28 chickens.

November 7, 2008
My family and I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. We have 13 hens (Golden Comets) and 1 very good looking Golden Comet Rooster, and 3 ducks. We got chickens so we could teach our 2 boys responsibility (and to have fresh brown eggs of course) Having chickens is a fun family activity for us. On nice days the 4 of us just sit next to the chicken coop enjoying them.
We purchased our original 13 hens and 1 rooster, we currently have 12 eggs in the incubator - they are due to hatch on the November 23rd. So we will see what happens. This is our 3 time trying to hatch eggs, we have candeled them and they look good so far.