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  1. TundraChick
    Hi, my name is Stacy Welcome to the TajMahal on the Tundra in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. We have 11 chickens at the moment. I have 2 Silkies, 2 Wyanadottes, 3 Easter Eggers, and 3 Buff Orpingtons.
    The chicken TajMahal is a converted shed. We started with a small coup for bantams and are currently adding a larger coop for 9 girls still in the brooder. We need to hang nestboxes, roosts, add a coop door and finish the run for the standard coop. More pics to follow,,,Thanks for looking
    2007-08-30 --Well the new standard girls are in their coup and the roost is up. We are using the plastic trays from dog crates under the waterer to catch spills and one under the roost as a droppings pan. We still need nesting boxes and a door to the run, and of course, the standard run itself...​

    TajMahal on the Tundra
    Our shed turned coop
    Interior of Bantam Coop

    Bantam Cleanout


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    ummmmm...........ok.it looks cool but i cant really see it all.
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