Turkey had something in her eye but it's still swollen and slightly bubbly?

By KD9716 · Jul 22, 2018 · ·
  1. KD9716
    So I have 2 turkeys and 9 chickens and the chickens sort of pick on the turkeys, especially the girl so they usually roam on different parts of the property and they share different coops for when they go to bed. The other day I put them all in their coop area and when I came home from work the turkeys were away from the rest of the chickens and the girl turkey had a swollen eye that was crusted over and shut(the only time it has shut completely).
    No other chickens or the other turkey have symptoms like hers. I thought she could have gotten pecked by on of the chickens in the eye so that is a possibility.
    I brought her inside to clean her eye up and she had a slightly white layer of mucus on the eye and some bubbles in her corner. I tried to clean it out with a warm cloth but a day or so later (since it was still swollen, like irritated) I looked at it again and pulled out a small piece of hay! I cleaned the rest of the gunk out of her eye with a wet cotton swob.
    She seems very healthy, doesn't look like shes feeling under the weather but her eye is still swollen and not as open as the other one. I'm wondering what I can do to help her get that infection out of her eye or how long it will take to run its course? I don't think she has a virus or disease but the bubbles are a little odd to me. Her respiratory health seems fine and shes been pretty normal in her usual high spirits.
    I love my turkeys a lot so I want to make sure she stays healthy! Any advice on topical treatments or precautions I should take would be a great help!
    Ps. The picture was when they were babies they are about 5 months now

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