Turkey Thighs and Mustard greens

By perchie.girl · Oct 9, 2015 · ·
  1. perchie.girl

    Four turkey thighs
    Two bags of mustard greens pre cleaned and chopped, rinse them off anyway because they put preservatives in bagged greens. YOu can rinse them right in the bag. Open the top run water in and pour it out. If you grow your own.. then you know how many greens that is.
    Tablespoon Olive or corn oil
    Mexican Red Adobo seasoning (if you dont have it omitt It will taste fine without it)
    Salt (less if using Adobo more if not)
    poultry seasoning
    Basalmic vinegar
    Things you should have:

    You need a Frying pan that will fit the thighs and has a cover... I use a chicken fry pan because its deep.
    Cooking thermometer
    Cooking Instructions - Thighs:

    preheat oven 350
    Season thighs both sides.
    Oil frying pan with olive or corn olil
    Place thighs skin side up in pan.
    Put the lid on.... It keeps the drippings from burning off
    Place in oven.

    set timer for an hour I cook my smell so I start checking temperatures when the house smells yummy and the timer is close to being done.

    pull pan out of oven and set on stove. Pull thighs and let rest on plate.... fifteen minutes
    Cooking Instructions - greens:

    There will be yummy bits and oil in the bottom of the pan....
    Then throw in wet mustard greens into the drippings.... and turn the fire on medium.... I use tongs to bring the wilted greens up and let the un-wilted down. As soon as there is room add half the other bag.... keep pulling up the wilted and let the un-wilted settle.... till you can get the rest of the bag of greens in. Then cover and turn the heat down a little more. No need for seasonings because the drippings will have enough for the greens as well. Cook another five minutes.

    Don't need to worry about putting water in. The greens let off steam and makes a liquor on bottom. Not alcohol just "pot liquor" its a southern expression. My folks use to drink pot liquor to keep em regular.... ahem.

    Oh and balsamic vinegar is for the greens sprinkle it on to taste.
    Recipe Pictures:

    Finished dish
    ingredients... had to paste one of them in because I forgot to take it in the picture

    Left to right Pepper Garlic Salt Adobo then i pasted in the poultry seasoning
    A word about adobo it has salt in it I always give mixed seasoning a taste it doesn't have much.
    But you will need to adjust seasonings accordingly.

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  1. sunflour
    Thanks for sharing. Will have to try this one.
  2. perchie.girl
    you can do it with pork chops too But any equivalent amount of fatty meat is perfect for it. You sop up all that flavorful goodness in the greens... No waste.
  3. N F C
    Very nice!
  4. Blooie
    Well done! This sounds delicious. Wonder if I could do it with 4 or 5 chicken thighs since my turkey supply is low. :)

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