I got six new chickens!! They are a present from my dad

He went and was supposed to get six, well when we put them in the pen we saw there was only five!
So today he went back and got the last one that had escaped. I got her and she joined in the pen like nothing ever happened. It oddly feels complete and "right" with her back.
I'm just glad the man found her!

(I'm not sure if the white ones are leghorns or white rocks... I was told they're are white rocks but they have white earlobes??)

So first is Wily, the boss with all the tail feathers and the floppy comb:

Second is Ginny a RSL of some type, she's the most outgoing by far:

Thirdly, Gizelle is also an RSL and she is the one who just came today. She's so sweet already:

Fourth, Penelope is the other floppy-comb one:

Fifth is Abigail, who has the biggest comb that is not floppy

Then last but not least is Phoebe, who has the smaller comb that is non-floppy

They're living in a pen in my garage for a month until they're done being quarantined. SO glad I got them!