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By twinstar · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. twinstar
    Where to start... I guess the partial beginning is good. LOL! I stayed with my Grandmother a lot growing up because my parents stayed gone traveling due extremely successful careers and she always kept lots of chickens around. Once she passed away, I never really got to do anything else with them. I still remember going with my grandmother to pick up eggs everyday.
    My parents didn't have chickens. Heck, we barely had pets, there was never anytime. So now that I am grown, own my very own house, complete with 10 acres, I am going rampant! At this moment in time (I say that because I am certain the numbers will change soon), we have 4 horses, 4 cats, 12 dogs, 14 chickens (silkie trio, cuckoo maran trio, bantam cochin roo & his 4 women, DH's beautiful game roo, 1 lone game hen, and an EE roo that stands out like a sore thumb), and 41 eggs in the incubator (my first batch... YAY!) and 3 potbelly pigs.
    I am sure you are wondering if we have the 10 acres full up yet. No, not yet. Slowly working on it. Only a little over 2 are in use. We just recently acquired the 8 next door and it harbors a very nasty secret. A old building supply/salvage yard that belonged to my grandfather. We haven't managed to get it totally cleaned up yet, but hopefully soon. There are still some cars and miscellaneous stuff left. AND we STILL haven't managed to go through it all yet, so this is going to be a long process.
    My next quick objective will to build a small chicken coop to house my Cuckoo Marans. I am thinking that they need a space of their own and they are my newest additions. Everyone else has their own spaces so why not! LOL!
    Sooo, if the weather will hold off and stay decent, maybe I can get started soon and get the pictures up here!

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